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Tent Hire South Africa. We specialize in stretch tent hire, wedding tent hire, marquee tent hire & more. We have a wide variety of marquee and stretch tent styles and sizes that will be suitable for both intimate private functions to large scale corporate events.
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Whether you are planning a family get-together, a sporting event, birthday party, corporate function, a wedding or a product launch, we have you covered with our Tent Hire services.

We have a variety of marquees and stretch tents in different sizes and colours to choose from. For your convenience ask us about hiring our crockery and cutlery, linen, tables, chairs, flooring and draping.

With our skills and expertise we can transform your function into an unforgettable event. At The Event Planner we offer a professional yet friendly approach with an emphasis on providing high quality equipment combined with exceptional service and reliability.

We understand that the success of your function is reliant on our product and service, therefore we work hard to ensure we always offer high quality, safe, clean, functioning equipment at a competitive price.

Types of tents for hire

Marquee tent hire

Aluminium Frame Marquees are the most popular and versatile types of Marquees. They are waterproof and can protect against rain and other weather elements thus making this style of marquee particularly suitable for all year-round use in any application.
The aluminium frame design is clear – span and enables the structure to stand without using the traditional peg and pole method. This gives the client more usable space inside the tent as there are no obstructions such as poles. The frames are manufactured in increments of 5m in width and length allowing for various layout configurations. They are perfect for weddings, festivals, sporting events, exhibitions and corporate functions.
Aluminium frame marquees are popular in the corporate market as it gives a sophisticated look and feel to any function. The white canvas can be transformed by using draping, stretch panels and different lighting designs which will make the décor possibilities endless.

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Stretch Tent hire

Stretch Tents also known as Bedouin Tents add a beautiful feel to any function.

Our Range of Stretch tents are manufactured with the latest stretch tent technology, 100% waterproof, UV Resistant and Fireproof. These stretch tents are very lightweight and versatile, being able to accommodate a large variety shapes and sizes. They do not come with side panels, however the roof can be stretched and pegged down in different angles to create a barrier from weather or block off unwanted external features. They can be attached to buildings, Light Poles and can be erected on uneven surfaces, setup to be completely open or partially closed. Bedouin/Stretch tents can be attached to patios and other fixed structures to create extra space needed for your function.

The possibilities are endless when hiring a Bedouin/Stretch tent for your event.  The free form tent design lets you create the shape of the tent according to the desired location.  As with our Marquees, these tents can be fitted with flooring and draping to suit the most exquisite, upmarket functions imaginable.

Stretch Tents can be used for various types of functions such as weddings, corporate functions, product launches and private parties. Our Stretch Tents come in a variety of striking colours and sizes, which can create a space even larger than a marquee, and even the smallest garden can be transformed into an instant pop up party venue or fantastic family celebration. Renting a stretch tent gives you the ability to be creative with your event layout and will surely give your function that wow factor!

Peg and Pole Marquees tent hire

Peg and Pole marquees are the most cost effective and are setup for large functions. They can only be setup on surfaces that we are able to put pegs into like grass. These Marquees are popular for large concerts, lectures, Beer festivals, Government functions, Church functions or School functions.
Peg and pole marquee tents are available in widths of 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m and 21m. Having selected the appropriate width these structures can be built to any required length and can accommodate thousands of people. A hard wood interlocking floor may also be added to give the overall feeling of a more permanent structure.
These marquees come standard with translucent and/or windowed sides to suit the feel of the function. All marquee types can be fitted with lighting and draping in different colours.

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Gazebo tent hire

A Tent for Every Event.

While nobody is exactly sure where gazebos first graced the world’s gardens, their popularity goes back hundreds of years.

Now you can enjoy this timeless architectural marvel in your own garden. Our gazebo kits make it easy to assemble this distinctive structure as a relaxation destination located right in your own backyard.

Gazebos are also in demand for garden weddings, retail landscapes, poolside green spaces, and wherever you wish to add a fresh perspective on your garden.

Multiple gazebos of can be joined together to create a seamless area, suitable for ceremonies, food stalls, expo stalls, festival registration or voting stations.

We have a variety of colors gazebos available.

Transparent Marquee tent hire

Transparent marquees offer maximum protection to the elements while providing the guests with a view.

This marquee will create a unique and elegant feel to your function without detracting from the surroundings.

Perfect for a function where you want to watch day turn into night from inside the marquee.

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Marquees are suitable for:
Any outdoor events to give protection against sun, rain and weather conditions.
 To launch your company’s products and/or services uniquely at your premises, you can make sure your brand is enhanced to its full potential with colour schemes, décor and overall character.
Birthday parties, Sweet Sixteen, 21st Birthday parties, 30th, 40th, 50th, perfect for large celebrations.
 For Festivals, Concerts, Sport Events, Cycle Events, 4X4 Events, Extreme Sports, Outdoor Expo’s, Tradeshows and exhibitions
 Weddings, hiring a Marquee will guarantee a unique event that no one can match. Designed around your personality and specific needs and requirements.
 Marquee hire for Annual Year End functions, it saves travel time and costs, especially if you have a large workforce to cater for.

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