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Whether you’re planning a corporate brunch, birthday celebration, wedding, or family gathering, let us be your catering company of choice!

Our Chefs and Planners bring the kind of taste, creativity, and experience needed to make your event catering a delicious success. No matter how big or small.

The Catering Company can accommodate a range of themes and loves the challenge of matching an event with the perfect menu. Contact us today to discuss your catering needs.

Our catering Team

Our Catering company is passionate about making your event an incredible experience, regardless of the size. We offer our clients reliable and cost-effective external catering.

Whether you’re thinking about entertaining a few friends for a special occasion, hosting 3,000 guests for a lavish gala, or planning a Garden Wedding. Our dedicated event planners will assess your needs before flawlessly planning your event.

Outstanding service is at the heart of our business – at every stage of your event from planning through to delivery. Our goal is to constantly and consistently exceed your expectations of service at every level.
Our clients continually tell us that our efficient, friendly, and helpful professionalism is one of the many reasons why they want to work with us time and time again.
We always pay great attention to each client’s requirements and then provide a style of service that fully meets their needs.

It’s also why we employ staff who are excellent communicators, who understand our expectations and are knowledgeable about food. By training them to the highest standard of food hygiene and service techniques. Our clients can be assured they will always be getting the very best quality event services available.

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Catering Company Food

Our food is imaginative and created with a love for fresh ingredients. Expertly sourced by our experienced chefs to deliver bold, seasonal flavors, and beautifully presented dishes.
When it comes to our catering, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our chefs. Our Executive Chef leads our culinary team to create bespoke menus for every occasion. We are specialists at designing menus for exclusive seated dinners and canapé receptions at prestigious venues. But also less formal Platters, Spitbraai’s, and Food Stall Menus to be enjoyed in the sunshine at outdoor events.
We design drink receptions from our wine list which features an exclusive range of champagne, sparkling wines, and Prosecco. Our mixologists create stunning cocktails tailored to your requirements.
Contact us today to start turning your food fantasies into reality.

Menu Development

When it comes to menu design, we pride ourselves on the imaginative expertise of our culinary team.

Our executive chef leads an incredible team who love to produce amazing and unforgettable food. Establishing a reputation for pushing the boundaries of event catering.

Whether the menu is simple, modern, elegant, fusion, comforting, or cutting edge. We can design the dishes to suit our client’s needs, whilst sourcing only the highest quality seasonal ingredients. Creating vibrant and exciting culinary delights.

Menus can be created or adapted to suit the taste and dietary requirements – Halaal and Vegetarian options are also available.

We’re more than a catering company. We are an integrated events management and planning team and lovers of fine dining.


Why Choose The Best Catering Company

We provide high quality, freshly prepared food
Our chefs have a good understanding of all types of cuisines
Dietary requirements can be met by our highly trained chefs

All our meals are designed with your theme and budget in mind


We’re able to cater anytime of the day across Gauteng

Kosher and Halaal meals can be arranged and incorporated


We create custom menu options according to your requirements
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Event Catering Company

Every memorable event has to have good food.

As event caterers we understand that every event is different – that’s what makes them special. Our private event catering services are customized from start to finish. Fully equipped to make your dream menu come true! For your next private event, we’ll design a personalized catering menu to accommodate your unique tastes and budget.

We offer your guests quality, organic dishes made from the freshest ingredients. With years of experience catering events, culinary expertise, and event coordination skills. Our catering team of seasoned chefs and event planners are prepared to deliver delicious cuisine to ensure your guests’ satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our ability to impress; let’s work together to create a tasty menu for your next special event.

Corporate Catering company

From stylish corporate events, conventions, fundraisers, business launches and gala dinners, we execute corporate catering with precision, ease and style.

If you need to plan a dynamic and exclusive catered corporate event, our chefs provide corporate catering that strikes the perfect balance between business and pleasure. We will work with you to customise a menu to perfectly fit the occasion, theme, tastes, and budget of your event.

At The Catering Company, we possess the expertise, talent, and creative vision to make your corporate event a success. We do so by using our experience, energy, and talent to create mouth-watering cuisine. We’re staffed by exceptional, attentive individuals. Who are passionate about hospitality and who are committed to providing service of unequalled excellence to your corporate event.

Only by attending to the small but vital details do we provide a level of food and event services that will impress your guests as well as energize and inspire your staff.

Wedding Catering Company

We understand that a wedding dinner is a memorable and important meal, the kind that serves to bond two families together forever.

Over glasses of chilled champagne, friends and family come together to celebrate the undeniable love story of two people, and to toast to the lifetime of joy and happiness that is ahead.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare a dream wedding menu customized with food so good, you just have to experience it with the people you love.
From Asian fusion, Spit – Braai buffet, Vegetarian or Vegan – Our chefs are here to tackle any sort of cuisine or tradition your heart desires. From appetizers to salads, to main dishes, our catering team will design each menu from scratch to accommodate your own unique tastes and budget. We use organic ingredients whenever we can to create vibrant and fresh flavours filled with colour and texture. The kind that will keep guests talking for years to come.

We set out with a goal — to have your wedding guests look back on your wedding and say that it was the best food they have ever had.

 Catering COMPANY Options
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Canapé Catering company

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. If you agree with this saying, then our chefs at The Catering Company can ensure you will find true love in our menus of delicious bite-sized canapés. With a universe of incredible dishes, it is sometimes hard to decide which one you love best, so our canapés catering can take that weight off your shoulders, giving guests a taste of everything. They can be the perfect start to make your guests feel welcome at any party. Canapés catering is also a wonderful introduction to the food which will be offered later at an event, taking your guests on a culinary adventure.
Our highly sought-after chefs use flair and imagination, coupled with the best fresh ingredients, to produce unusual canapés that are bursting with flavor and colour. Thankfully, at The Catering Company, we are used to canapés catering for parties of all sizes and have an army of the best chefs, hosts, and waiters on speed dial.

Spitbraai Catering company

Spitbraai’s are the perfect addition to summer celebrations. Whether you’re looking for informal dining at your summer party or want to treat your guests at the company conference, they create a relaxed outdoor vibe.

Our spitbraai menus are amazingly flexible and include a wide range of different meat styles from traditional Whole Lamb to Beef & Chicken Rolls. As we have hosted so many Spitbraais we have hundreds of tried and tested chefs at our fingertips. So we can ensure we will be able to put on your dream dishes, whether they are themed, suiting a particular national cuisine, or for an outdoor wedding.

Our Caterers believes that our Spitbraai catering menus are a feast for the eyes, however bespoke your event may be, we can create a unique menu to match. You can opt for a ‘build your own’ summer menu, adding any ingredients you wish. This also allows you to ensure you have great food, while still keeping a close eye on your budget.

Summer or winter, what could be better than spending the warm day or a cold crisp evening enjoying a fantastic Spitbraai. Our spitbraai’s are perfect for any outdoor corporate event or family function. With succulent, fresh meats and a range of side options, we can really help you put on a great event.

Food stalls Catering Company

Food stalls are a very popular choice for corporate events but are versatile enough to incorporate at any event.

Our food stalls can be set up outside for informal summer parties, or within your chosen venue when the weather isn’t up to scratch. They can include canapés or bowl food and mini plates or be centre stage as an interactive food theatre.

Inspired by world cuisine, the style and content of food stalls truly bespoke to your event can range from sushi to sorbet, BBQ, afternoon tea to desserts. Offering amazing flexibility and the perfect opportunity to mix cuisines, styles of cooking and add a touch of theatre and variety.

Our food stalls are not only used for the public but also for private events. They represent a perfect surrounding to display hot and cold buffets. With this type of catering culinary delights take the forefront and an entertaining factor can be added through show cooking of any type of food you desire.

Hot Buffet Catering company

A little less formal than a 3-course dinner, but no less delicious. Our buffets allow guests the flexibility of enjoying a substantial meal without the formality of a served meal.

We offer a range of hot and cold buffets. Whether it is our set package options or building your own bespoke menu, we have plenty of menu options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Our buffets can either be served on disposable plates with disposable cutlery or on proper crockery with uniformed service staff to help serve and clear. Should you choose this option as the main food for your event or as an evening option, we have the package for you.

The buffets we offer are suitable for any occasion; for standing and seated receptions or any type of private event at home or wherever else you wish. All the gourmet dishes and products we offer are carefully selected, taking into account your wishes, seasonality, the type of event, the structure, and the number of guests. The fusion of different flavours is then put on display on the neatly decorated buffet table.

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Bar hire

At The Best Catering Company, we can provide a variety of cash or account bars for any event, ranging from modern minimalist to stylish themes and including full cocktail bar hire.

We are also able to organize all licensing requirements on our clients’ behalf and have fully qualified personal available for all occasions.

Thanks to the amazing wine suppliers with whom we have built up great relationships over the years, we can recommend a superb fine wine list, as well as provide house wines that offer excellent quality and outstanding value. Together with our vintners, we can also help match wines to every menu choice.

Visit our Mobile Bar Hire page for more information about our drink services.

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